Buying Guide for Beverage Fridge

Buying Guide for Beverage Fridge

No matter where you stay, you will always desire to have your favorite drink- beer, wine, soda in hand. A beverage fridge is great for hosting a party easily and conveniently, and frees up precious storage space in your main fridge. In short, the temperature and storage of each beverage matters. The right degree brings out the full flavor of each drink, while correct storage keeps taste intact.

When you want to invest in a beverage refrigerator, some important factors and detail information you need to know and compare. We put together this buying guide to help you navigate all the options on the market and make the best purchasing decision for you and your space. Therefore, you will not feel regret buying the one that not fit into your lifestyle. This guideline is definitely to save your money and your time to look for different website.


The Reason why you need a beverage refrigerator?

According to people’s using habit of normal kitchen fridge, they will put all different things in it. However, you will be not surprising that your drinks contains some smell of cooking food, which breaks the feel and taste. The beverage fridge can separate and store the drinks from kitchen fridge, and have wide ranging thermostats to accommodate any serving temperature, which is specialized for holding various and a better long-term investment for an avid beer drinker or a passionate wine connoisseur.

Some significant features while selecting a beverage refrigerator?


Sizes & Types

There are several different sizes and shapes on the market nowadays. You should clear the kinds and the capacities of drink you want to hold. Also, be sure to check the box or product description, it will contains the inner space capacity and suggested holding numbers of cans and bottles.

Beverage refrigerator is divided into 4 types, you can choose it by the location you set:

  • Freestanding typeis designed to stand alone, whether on a countertop or on the floor.
  • Built-in typeis designed to slide snugly in between kitchen cabinets. This needs to have accurate dimensions of your kitchen space for it.
  • Indoor type is designed to blend in with your home decoration and are meant for climate-controlled environments.
  • Outdoor typeis made with higher requirements. Most outdoor refrigerator is made from 304 stainless steel grade so that it is durable enough to withstand the harsh weather conditions.  



Thermostat is the crucial part of a beverage fridge. How wide the range on the refrigerator decided on the types of drinks it can store. When shopping for a refrigerator, you should keep in mind that some beverage coolers come with dual temperature zones to make it even easier to properly house your entire line of beverages. But regardless of whether you go with a single zone or two, a beverage fridge will give you complete control over the cooling of your collection.


If you plan to place the cooler at office or somewhere quiet, you need to consider if its noise is correspond with the standard.  

Energy Usage

Power consumption has become a most important topic of the world. Low energy usage is not only save your money, but also protect the environment. The beverage refrigerator you urge to buy should do the power consumption test and have the authority certification.

Additional Features

Except the basic factors, some special features can not be ignored. Safety, convenience and style attributes that turn a basic fridge into something truly outstanding. The detail design will reflect the quality of the product.

Appearance: the custom patterns and co-branding beverage cooler is rising rapidly. People prefer to have stylish cooler that only belongs to them. The Beverage refrigerator is no more a decoration but a fashion item to show people’s character, attitude and taste.


It is a common rule that different requirements will have relatively prices. If you want a more budget-friendly option, stick with the basics. All the features discussed in this buying guide will help you narrow your choices and help you find the right combination of features for you and your wallet.


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