Dual Zone Vs. Single Zone Wine Cooler

Dual Zone Vs. Single Zone Wine Cooler

No matter you enjoy a few wines casually or you are exactly a wine enthusiast, storing the wine should be acknowledged as the most important element to influence the quality and taste of the wine. Considering that, a wine fridge has taken up the necessary positions.

Why we should pick up a wine cooler? Briefly to say, stable temperature and ideal humidity are the advantages of it. Besides, wine fridge can block UV radiation and it is vibration-free. It has the capability to store and keep your wine in best for as long time as possible.

Basically, wine cooler is divided into two types, dual zone and single zone. A dual zone wine refrigerator is a unit equipped with two spaces that are independently temperature-controlled, while a single-zone wine cooler is kept at the same temperature of the entire unit. You can choose the one based on your demands. However, some major factors as the reference you need to focus while selecting.

Store Kinds of Wine 

Different wine has the different storage temperature, even the same types of wine also needs different temperature to keep cause the produced place will affect the wine flavor. If you are a wine collector or enjoy trying fresh taste, dual zone wine cooler is most suitable and flexible. To be aware that, the wine fridge with dual zone must maintain a temperature disparity at least 5 degrees in its two zones. You can adjust the appropriate temperature in separated thermostats, which is most convenient. On the contrast, if you are intoxicated passion on drinking your personal ‘icon’ wine, the single zone wine fridge is enough for you.

Store Range Temperature

Compared with different brand wine cooler on the market, even both are the product as dual wine fridge, the temperature range settings still have slight difference. The wider range of temperature means the most size and types of wine you can storage. It can greatly satisfied your multiple needs to some extent.

Purpose of Using Wine Cooler

Dual zone wine coolers are popular for simultaneously storing and aging wine. Collectors can use one part of the unit for serving, and the other for long-term storage. If you want the single zone to have the same purpose, you need to prepare two of it. And you can place them in different positions casually if you choose the single zone wine refrigerator with both purpose.

Placing Space

How large space you offer to the wine coolers is a factor you need to take a consideration. Dual zone wine cooler takes up much more space than single zone wine coolers. If you have enough space to put it, we will strongly recommend you to own a dual zone wine fridge.


There is no doubt that pricing is the main reason to decide whether the wine fridge can be placed at your house or not. The budget you set will be corresponding with the relative equipped functions.

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