Buy Wine Refrigerator, Choose HCK Brand

Buy Wine Refrigerator, Choose HCK Brand

HCK was originally set up by Geoff Thomasson in Finland Y1971, designing and manufacturing commercial refrigerator. Our head office is located at America, and nowadays, we have several branch institution globally, like Germany, British, Australia, Brazil and so on. Our products have sale to over 56 countries and territories, deeply affected by the worldwide market.

When it comes to the specialized Refrigeration Technology, HCK has own global safety certifications and international medical approval. Additionally, no matter our design, intelligent energy saving technology, remote temperature control, subzero cooling technology or digital printing technology, has gained the authorized patent and been leading in the industry.

Why Should You Pick HCK Wine Refrigerator

Wide range and accurate thermostat

HCK Wine Refrigerator have 39.2˚F to 71.6˚F adjustable temperature, which allows you to storage different types of wine. The following is the three major wines’ suggested storage temperature:

Red Wine- 57.2˚F to 60.8˚F

White Wine-42.8˚F to 46.4˚F

Champagne-42.8˚F to 46.4˚F


Proper wine storage humidity

An ideal temperature for wine storage is an average 60% relative humidity. This relative humidity (RH) will allow the wines to mature slowly, reduce mold growth, keep the corks from drying out, and prevent spoiling of the labels.


Two types for storing or serving

If you wish to store and mature your wine for a long period of time, the wine will last and develop better at a stable temperature of 12-14 degrees Celsius. This goes for white, rose, sparking as well as dessert wine. In this case, a wine fridge with only one temperature zone is enough.

If your intention isn’t long-term storage but the desire to always have your wine ready for serving, we recommend a wine fridge with two cooling zones. In that way, you’ll be able to keep your wines ready at different temperatures: 14-16 degrees Celsius for red wines and 6-8 degrees Celsius for white, rose as well as sparking wines.


Large bottle capacity

Another important consideration is how many bottles you’ll be wanting to store. In our experience, a rule of thumb is to always add an extra 50% to the imagined number of bottles id we’re talking about a cabinet for long-term storage. The reason is that when you’re building a collection, there’s bound to be a greater in-going flow of bottles than out-going. And HCK wine fridge can definitely satisfy you with this demand.


Lower noise from the wine refrigerator

A wine cooler will emit a certain amount of noise like all domestic appliances. In most cases, the two most decisive parameters are the acoustic state of the room and your own sensibility to noise; this determines whether you should be looking for a particularly noiseless cabinet or not. We categories wine fridges with a noise level of 40dB or less as noiseless. Our HCK wine coolers have passed various noise tests while producing and their working noise are all stably less than 39dB.


Fine finish and details’ design

A wine cooler is an experience in itself since a wine fridge is basically and electronic wine cellar. Should you choose to absorb yourself in elements such as finish and design, this experience will obviously be amplified.


Low energy consumption

Each country has goal to make sustainable development, and has strict requirement for the standard of low energy consumption. HCK is one of the company to have ECA test center, best qualify for safety and saving energy. You can rest assured to pick HCK beverage refrigerator and wine fridge.


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