How Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Running

How Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Running

We have believed that although you are the user of wine cooler, you will not concentrate on two major part of the product. While these coolers may have the whole same appearance, there is a world of difference in how they operate. If you are planed to invest hundreds of dollars in wine refrigerator for your home, you’ve better to learn about the technology and therapy you’re paying for.

The operating therapy of a compressor wine cooler is similar as the traditional refrigerator. A liquid refrigerant circulate through a compressor system that produces cold air inside the refrigerator and expels hot air externally. According to this working mode, the refrigerator can reach very low temperature, which provide a large storing choice for chilling white wines, other beverages and food greatly. However, the operation will follow a little loud noise because of too much moving part relatively-just like the fridge in your kitchen.

In contrast, Thermoelectric coolers are environmental safe, which relies on the Peltier effect. When an electric charge is sent through two joined pieces of metal it creates a heat flux, and heat is one side of the appliance to the other. One side gets hot while the other gets cold. The cord cooling device is small so that a thermoelectric heat pump operates more silently with less moving parts.

Even though thermoelectric coolers have improved with less moving parts, they still have the limitations. Firstly, they don’t get the same cold as a compressor cooler. On average, most thermoelectric coolers won’t cool below 50˚F , but HCK wine fridge can cool below to 39.2˚F. Secondly, They don’t work when it’s too cold or too hot. If the temperature is too hot, it will have trouble removing enough heat from inside the cooler compartment. If the temperature is too cold, there is no mechanism to add heat into wine cooler.

Therefore, you should pay more attention on the manufacture’s specifications when you buy a thermoelectric wine fridge to make sure the thermostat range matches your wine storage preferences and operating follow the recommendation for ambient temperatures.

The Advantages of Thermoelectric Cooler

  1. The thermoelectric wine coolers are environmentally safe and operate with less electricity, which can save your money certainly.
  2. Much quieter than traditional kitchen refrigerator so that it won’t disturb your working or filming.


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