Can Outdoor Refrigerators Run During Extremely Weather?

Can Outdoor Refrigerators Run During Extremely Weather?

To chase truly natural view and get rid of the dependence on air-conditioner, most people choose to build up an outdoor kitchen in their houses. Outdoor refrigerator as the most necessary part of the outdoor kitchen, people will question that can outdoor refrigerator run during the extremely weather? And will their using lives are affected to be reduced? We will offer you the answers below one by one according to all your concerns.

When temperatures drop well below the thermostat range of the refrigerator, it really depends if it is still safe to run or whether the harsh winter weather damage the fridge. But why the colder weather will influence to the function of the refrigerator? A fridge compressor kicks in when the internal temperature rises above or drops below the set temperature on the thermostat. Winter weather will make the compressor incorrectly judge not to activate. In this case, actually it doesn’t cause damage to your fridge; however, it does result in spoiled food and beverages. But refers to the harsher side, extremely cold conditions may freeze the oil in the compressor, making it too thick to circulate. If you run your fridge continuously while this is happening, you also run the risk of burning out the compressor.

The following instructions will help you check your refrigerator, note’s time!

If your refrigerator is specialize for outdoor kitchen, then you need to monitor the outdoor conditions regularly. Obviously, a professional outdoor refrigerator must be your first choice. HCK outdoor refrigerator is the one deserve you to own, which is able to withstand outdoor elements and fully encased in 304 stainless steel, even higher to be considered weatherproof. Our outdoor fridges have passed abundant of tests and certifications to ensure our best quality to protect against rain, snow, heat or debris. If you want to learn more, you can click on our product page to know more details and our customer services are also ready for answering your questions.

In concluded, check your outdoor refrigerator regularly to discover the product problem in time and don’t run the risk. We will strongly suggested that you should keep the outdoor refrigerator empty and unplugged when it is not in use in a long time to extend its using life.


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