How To Match Beer With Food?

How To Match Beer With Food?

Beer is the most popular and amazing beverage on its own. However, do you know if beer is paired with a complementing food, some powerful pair will gain different surprising experience. No matter what food you are craving for, there is a beer that will enhance your foods. Here, we will offer you some guidelines that will help you bring out the best of both, when beers are versatile and can be paired with various food. However, these are only some of our favorite pairings. You can try to experiment with your own pairings. Maybe you will find an unusual combination that works!



Actually, you require the best beer to enhance the flavors in your food if you are focus on perfectly pairing your beers with foods.

Honestly, we’re not the only one to think the best beer comes from a tap. Tap dispensed beers are kegged at the peak of their freshness and flavor, which is dispensed through a kegerator system that keeps the beers’ quality and best taste.

A beer kegerator is definitely the great way the brewer wants you to enjoy bear and it’s also a worthy investment for those beer lovers. You can start pairing at any time once you set up your own kegerator to dispense your beer at the perfect temperature.



In fact, this kind of beer has a clean malty flavor with a little sweetness even it looks dark. The brewers can add fruit, spices, wood or smoke because the base taste of a dark lager is quite neutral. The notes of chocolate, coffee and other roasty taste that you will often get.

As the clean and fairly neutral flavor making this beer style very versatile, it pairs well with rich and heavy taste foods, such as pizza, burgers and heavy stews. You really need to try the meat and the spices in the foods come through, and the roasted flavors of dark lagers adds complexity and a toastiness to the foods. Without doubt, the flavors in the foods will come to shine with clean flavor beer.


Light lagers generally have a very light flavor and is a low alcohol content. These beers are very low in malt taste with a dry and light body, while the hops flavor and aroma you will not get little to no.

These light lagers are most popular in American. And the American favouite foods like burgers, spicy foods and salads will be well paired with light lagers. The light and dry finish make the burgers’ flavors up to the next level and it is a refreshing palate cleanser in between the richy and fatty bites. A light and refreshing lager is well paired with salads cause their flavors are so light. Lagers won’t overwhelm the fresh and light flavors in your salads. What about the spicy foods? The light and refreshing flavor of the lagers help balance out the intense and bold flavors of spicy foods, which will also reduce the heat while not changing the taste in your food. 


It is known to all, IPAs are famous for their bold and strong hoppy flavor. These beers have a very high alcohol content with bright and floral aroma, so that they are often much bitter than other beer styles. And they often have earthy, citrus or fruity notes.

To match the IPAs and their bitterness, we will usually select Mexican food, grilled steak and barbecue, so that their richness and smokiness will be balanced by bitter notes of IPAs. Actually, the spices in Mexican foods and the fresh components, like salsas, are perfectly match with the brighter floral, pine and citrus notes.


Amber ales will offer a nutty, toffee-like and toasted flavor. And their notes of fruit, pine and citrus can balance out the crystal, sweety and caramel malts.

Amber ales are suitable for most kind of American foods, but if they pair with barbecued or grilled meats, like smoked brisket, pork and ribs, their sweet malty flavors help bring the rich smoky flavor to shine. Some fried or fatty foods are also will paired with Amber ales.


The porters are kind of complex beers, which contains rich dark fruit flavors, like dried cherries and blackberries as well as the notes of nuts, caramel, coffee and toffee. It is quite specific flavor.

These beers is suitable for seafood. Also their bitterness of the nutty and coffee notes will balance the gamey taste of the game meat. Moreover, sweet coffee desserts can also be paired with barley, nuts, toffee, coffee and caramel notes of porters.


Wheat beers have complicated flavor of round and mellow with minimal bitterness. They have lighter body and colored. This beer style is often more carbonated and often has a thick foamy head when poured. In comparison, the American version tends to be a little more hoppy and the German versions are much more bread and fruit notes.  

If you want a more flavorful beer to match with your spicy food, wheat beers must be a good choice. The sweet fruit notes and bright hops in this beer are not only balance the boldness of spicy foods, but also perfectly paired with fruity desserts.


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