12 Frequently Asked Questions About Kegerators

12 Frequently Asked Questions About Kegerators

A kegerator, as the name suggests, is a combination of “keg” and “refrigerator.” Also known as a keg fridge, it is a specialized refrigerator that allows you to dispense beer at home. Kegerators are used for distributing draft beers, wine, and even cold brew coffee. Demand for these appliances has increased thanks to the introduction of new innovative technologies that enhanced kegerators’ functionality. Nowadays, keg fridges feature digital thermostats, reversible door designs, multiple-tap functionality, and more.


12 Frequently Asked Questions About Kegerators

Before buying a kegerator, it is essential to learn more about this appliance. Following are 12 frequently asked questions about the keg fridge. The answers to these questions should help you make an informed buying decision.

  1. What Are The Different Types of Kegerators?

There are four primary types of keg fridges, i.e., full-size home kegerator, mini kegerator, commercial kegerator, and outdoor kegerator.


  1. What Size Keg Will Fit in My Kegerator?

This varies depending on the type of kegerator. On average, a residential keg fridge can hold a full-size or pony keg while storing two home brews or sixth-barrel kegs.


  1. How Do I Set Up a Kegerator?

To set up a kegerator, follow these instructions:

  • Install the draft tower with the tap on top of the beer fridge.
  • Through the top of a kegerator, thread the beer hose and turn the draft tower to tighten it.
  • Attach the CO2 regular on the CO2 tank and tighten it.
  • Use the adjusting screw to unlock the CO2 regulator.
  • Connect the CO2 line with the gas hose to the CO2 regulator. Also, connect and screw the line to the keg coupler.
  • Set the correct PSI for the CO2 regulator and CO2 tank, and then secure the CO2 tank inside or outside the keg fridge with the included belt.


  1. What Kind of Coupler Do I Need?

It varies depending on the beer brand you have purchased. And D coupler is the most common choice.


  1. How Long Does a Keg Stay Fresh?

This varies based on the type of pump you are using, the style of beer, and other factors. Generally, a keg can stay fresh for 6-8 weeks when refrigerated within a kegerator.


  1. How Many Kegs Can I Tap on One CO2 Tank?

About 2-4 half barrel kegs. If kept cold, a 5-pound CO2 tank can last for up to 4 half-barrel kegs.


  1. How Long Should I Wait Before Using My Kegerator?

At least 24 hours.


  1. How Do I Troubleshoot My Kegerator?

Refer to the product’s user manual and troubleshooting guide.


  1. How Do I Defrost My Kegerator?

Defrosting a keg fridge is usually optional. But if you need to do it, simply turn off the unit and let the ice melt once the keg is empty, then soak up the excess water with a towel.


  1. How Do I Clean My Kegerator?

Use a kegerator cleaning kit to clean the keg coupler, faucet, and beer lines.


  1. Why Does a Kegerator Need CO2?

A keg fridge needs CO2 to carbonate the beer and force it out of the keg. Without it, you won’t be able to pour.


  1. What’s The Ideal PSI Pressure for a Kegerator?

Between 10-12 PSI.


Product Recommendation

Finland-based refrigerator manufacturer HCK has been offering premium-grade products since 1971. If you are looking for a quality keg fridge, the company’s K90 2-in-1 kegerator is recommended. This HCK kegerator has the following characteristics:

  • Compact Design: With 3.18 cu. ft. capacity, K90 offers ample space for keg storage while Precise Temperature Control: The energy-efficient compressor of this appliance offers precise 32F-50F adjustable temperature control.
  • Low Noise Level: With an operating noise of 42dB, the K90 is super quiet, making it an ideal User-Friendly: Features like an auto defrost function, self-closing door, and adjustable temperature control make this appliance user-friendly.
  • Environment-Friendly: K90 uses R600s refrigerant, which is environment-friendly and helps fight global warming.




A kegerator is a valuable investment for draft beer enthusiasts. Buying from a reputed brand is recommended to ensure quality, value for money, and an excellent overall experience. HCK offers a wide range of kegerators that feature innovative technology, elegant design, and ease of use.

Established in 1971, HCK specializes in manufacturing and designing refrigerators for drink corporates. Our keg fridges are ideal for a variety of drink refrigeration scenarios. Not only do these appliances keep the beverages chilled, but they also increase the aesthetic appeal of space with their stylish designs. Visit HCK’s website to learn more about our kegerators.


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