Encounter HCK Drink Cooler Fridge to Cool off a Summer Thermal

Encounter HCK Drink Cooler Fridge  to Cool off a Summer Thermal

The drink cooler fridge can be considered a concentrated "fridge." It not only has the professional wine storage temperature design of a wine cooler but also has the functions of a refrigerator that can store drinks, keep fruits fresh and make homemade ice cubes. Moreover, the appearance of drink cooler fridges is generally much better than traditional refrigerators, popular with many people seeking quality of life.

As an independent young person with unique tastes and hobbies, it is time to buy a drink cooler fridge for your home.


Situations where you may need a drink cooler fridge

For whom would a drink cooler fridge be more suitable? 

  1. If you live alone or as a couple, in a house that is not very big, with little meat and vegetables to stock up on, a traditional fridge is relatively large, and not only does it take up space, but the freezer is mostly empty. So why not get a smaller and high-value beverage refrigerator, not only enough to use but also as a decorative piece of home.


  1. The relative is a large family, usually hoarding a particularly large amount of goods in the fridge, and more than one fridge is needed. It is strange to buy two traditional fridges for the family. Then it's practical to get another drink cooler fridge to store different items separately.


  1. Youths pursuing quality of life have hobbies, such as the fondness of storing various kinds of wine. The drink cooler fridge is suitable for storing fine, foreign wine, up-market red wine, cigars, imported pure water, etc.; those who love tea can also use the drink cooler fridge to refrigerate all kinds of tea. These are easy to string together with vegetables and meat in a traditional refrigerator. Therefore it is very practical and necessary to purchase a small drink cooler fridge separately.


  1. Those with specific needs, such as families with newborns, need to store breast milk, milk powder, bottles, and pacifiers separately for their babies to maintain cleanliness.

And then, many girls come with large amounts of cosmetics such as face masks, serums, and lipsticks. These are not suitable for storage at room temperature as they will deteriorate and deform, and it is impossible to keep them in the fridge with smelly things such as vegetables and spices. Therefore, a separate small drink cooler fridge is essential at home.


HCK - a professional drink cooler fridge supplier

Since there is such a demand for drink cooler fridges, which drink cooler fridges are recommended on the market?

HCK is a manufacturer of beverage cooler refrigerators, a brand that originated in Finland and has been specializing in refrigeration for 50 years. It pioneered retro refrigerators and was the first brand to launch a round wine cooler. Just one look at our products and you will be attracted by the retro and sophisticated look. It is no exaggeration to say that the look of our products from the 50s and 60s would not be out of place in today's homes.

Apart from appearance, what matters most is our core technology. HCK features China's first ECA laboratory and an industry-unique digital UV printing technology that has been awarded six international certifications.


Large or small, indoor or outdoor, HCK is there for you.

This 15-inch beverage cooler is space-independent, with a flexible storage layout and precise temperature control from 32 F to 50 F. Under its small and exquisite design, the built-in beverage fridge fits seamlessly into a cupboard, inside a bookcase, coffee table, or any place you can conjure up.


The HCK 24-inch drink cooler fridge offers precise temperature control from 32 F to 50 F with built-in TMS to keep your chosen beverage at the optimum temperature daily. The effective dual-zone design allows you to set different temperature ranges while storing a wide range of alcoholic beverages. In addition, the durable SUS 304 body allows for indoor and outdoor use.


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